Monday, August 25, 2014

Exercising Self-Help in Custody Cases

    Kathleen Aubain is in the Oneida County Jail in New York for violating a court order.  Aubain has a two and a half year old daughter, Isabellah Rose Campos with Eric Campos.  All three were living in Arizona.  Campos has custody of Isabellah. Aubain’s mother says the only reason Campos has custody is because Aubain didn’t bring Isabellah back to him at the end of her custodial time.

    Aubain then left the state of Arizona and fled, with Isabellah, to Utica, New York.  She didn’t have permission to leave Arizona.  She has been arrested and is currently in jail.  She is refusing to tell authorities where Isabellah is or who is caring for her.  Aubain claims that she is protecting Isabellah who she believes is being abused by Campos.  The Arizona social worker determined that the police investigator who examined Isabellah found the bruising to be consistent with Campos’ account that the child’s five-point safety harness used while riding a Rhino vehicle on rough terrain in the desert caused the bruising.

    I have said it before.  Do not exercise self help.  Do not defy a court order.  If you feel like there is something happening, such as abuse, notify the proper authorities, and make a request through the court.  Exercising self help is a good way to lose custody.

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