Monday, June 9, 2014

If You're Going To Get Married, Please Do It Correctly

This new case from New York stands for the (reasonably obvious?)  proposition that if you scrupulously avoid doing any of those things which would cause you to have a valid marriage, then you're not married, even if you have a big elaborate "wedding",  presided over by an internet-ordained "clergyperson", who also fails to do any of those things.

The take-away, for me, is the Court's observation that  "getting married is a serious decision that has wide ranging and often everlasting consequences."   Those who follow this blog have heard me preach, almost incessantly, that folks getting married should treat the decision just this way.  Certainly those who go out of their way to disregard and sidestep both the civil and religious requirements for the process shouldn't generally be allowed to change their minds about their seriousness, even after the big party is over.

The usual hat tip to Howard Friedman at Religion Clause.

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