Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lottery Winnings and Child Support

In October 2013, Angel R. Tamayo, Jr. presented a winning lottery ticket for $25,000. He has been told that he owes more than the net, after tax value of the lottery winnings ($17,250) in back child support to the Department of Human Services of Georgia. A third party, Tracey Dawn Gibson, also claims she is the rightful winner of the lottery ticket.  Gibson's relationship to Tamayo is unclear.

At least in California, if a custodial parent receives certain types of state assistance (cash aid, etc) which also benefits a child, then the county will automatically open a case against the non-custodial parent for reimbursement to the county for some of the funds used to help support that child.  The reach of child support services is long, they can intercept tax refunds, freeze bank accounts, and, yes, collect lottery winnings from a non-custodial parent to satisfy an unpaid child support obligation.

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