Friday, April 10, 2009

Chief Justice, Georgia Supreme Court, Says We Need to Combat Divorce The Way We Discourage Smoking

Georgia Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears (a divorcee) said "As a mechanism for signaling to young people the right time and the right person with whom to have a baby, marriage has no peer. . .
. . . Marriage is also the best child welfare, crime prevention and anti-poverty program we have. We must, therefore, protect it."

The good Justice did not elaborate on how she proposes to do this, though I'm guessing she would not go along with my proposal to make getting married significantly harder...

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family law gal said...

"The court established a first-of-its-kind commission that gathered experts to find ways to reduce unnecessary divorce rates and launched a campaign to publicize the toll a divorce takes on a family."

I'm not sure what the criteria are here for "unnecessary" versus (presumably) "necessary." Unless we empower a third party to prevent couples from getting divorced based on some criteria (other than the couple's own wishes), isn't it up to the couple, or at least one of the parties, to decide whether it's "necessary"?

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