Monday, March 23, 2009

Egyptian Fatwa: Your Neighbors Can Make You Get Divorced

It seems that under a recent determination of Muslim law as it applies in Egypt, if a couple doesn't get along, but doesn't proceed to get a divorce, the neighbors can do it for them.

"Sheik Gamal Qutb, former head of Egypt's top religious institution, the Fatwa Committee at al-Azhar, said Sunday during a meeting at the Egyptian Press Syndicate that his fatwa states that neighbors and family members can file for a couple's divorce if the pair's differences appear irreconcilable, al-Arabiya reported Friday. Qutb said community members should first attempt to help solve a couple's marriage problems, but should then present evidence of the marriage's failings to a court if the husband and wife cannot live together in peace."

If we could get a similar law passed here, I'm seeing a phone-in-your-votes reality TVshow that'll potentially leave "American Idol" in the dust.

Thanks to Warren Shiell's "Los Angeles Divorce And Family Law" blog for the pointer.

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